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This is hand pulled print from a lino block carving of the historic City of Lincoln in Lincolnshire. Printed using Cranfield safewash archival quality ink on handmade Nepalese Mitsumata Washi paper, this print is a one of a kind and limited to only 10 prints. 


Please note. Nepalese Mitsumata Washi paper is handmade in individual sheets. The papers is made from the inner bark or bast fibre of mitsumata. As such there will be differences in appearance in the paper. There may also be slight differences in the thickness of the paper on your print. This adds to the individual nature of the print.


The block to make the prints took over 50 hours to carve and is from the artists own photo references. Each print is hand printed and take 20 minutes to complete in the artists home studio.


Finished print size: 510mm (w) x 390mm (h)


This print is hand printed to order in your choice of colour. Please select your preferred colour when ordering. Thank you.

The City of Lincoln

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